Big wknd 2018 slide

BIG WKND is Avenue Student Ministry's Disciple Now weekend. 6th-12th grade students DO NOT want to miss this experience! They are gone for over 48 hours in a distraction free environment, so that they are able to focus on what God has for them.

The event starts Friday, February 23rd at 6pm, and it ends on Sunday, February 25th at 12:30pm (after the second experience on Sunday).

Our students will be together at the church for our Worship Sessions, and they will stay the night in Host Homes on Friday and Saturday night.

Our theme this year is Start a Party. We will be talking about what it looks like to serve our neighbors!

Registration Opens January 10 - Cost is $55 Feb. 5th - Cost goes to $70 Feb. 19th - Cost goes to $85 Feb. 22nd- Registration Closed


$70 after February 5th
Not On Sale

Event Details

  • Feb 23
    6:00 pm
    Feb 25
    12:30 pm